Customers Get Smart About Smart Controls

In recent years, smart controls have gone from strength to strength. Not only growing in popularity with installers, who are quickly training themselves to understand this new wave of technology, but also with the general public who are becoming much more aware of the advantages that this technology brings.


Smart heating controls are wired up to your central heating system, and by using an internet connection with a smartphone app, it allows you to check and control the exact temperature of your home at all times.

Each brand of smart heating control has a different way of saving you money on your energy bills. For instance, some will learn your routine and ensure your property is nice and warm when you get home, whereas others can track your location so they know when to switch the heating off and back on again.

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Customers are now equipping themselves with the knowledge they need before making any decisions around a purchase. They thoroughly research the options and apply the specific characteristics offered by each device to their own homes to make sure they’re best suited prior to making the leap and purchasing these controls. It is vital therefore that as engineers we keep thoroughly up to date with the changing face of technology.

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Greater customer awareness of smart heating controls means that customers are also more likely to have studied other home devices such as lighting and security. Therefore, the 21st century engineer has to be savvy with a wide range of home installation and energy saving gadgets, far beyond their historic line of work.

With awareness of these products rapidly increasing, how does this translate into changes of purchasing behaviour?

It is important for smart control manufacturers to educate heating engineers about their new product ranges and what their customers could potentially save.
In turn, engineers should swot up on which products work and which suit different areas of the property – as no two smart control fittings are the same!
This will prepare installers for when they’re taking time out to brief customers on how to use their home efficiently in order to determine the best system.

It has been widely proven that smart controls will reduce energy bills and usage. Despite this, there are still myths that smart controls are only beneficiary to large or new properties and these myths create barriers which need breaking down.

According to Gas Engineer magazine, entry-level products such as Honeywell’s single-zone thermostat and other equivalents are great for small to medium sized properties.
Because of this, more and more housing developers and builders are now turning to these products when kitting out their new residential developments.

There are many other brands available other than Hive, Nest is proving to be a popular choice too. These controls are easy to fit and do not cause major disruption to your home. Other considerations are; do you want to be able to control your hot water as well as your heating? Or do you want to be able to control individual rooms in your home? Ultimately the best choice will be the device that best addresses your home, lifestyle and needs. This is all important to research before hiring an engineer.

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Smart controls are here to stay without a doubt. As technology advances, now really is the time to get connected, get control and invest in smart heating controls.

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