Choosing a Boiler

Heating is something we take for granted. You set your thermostat, flick a switch and you get a toasty warm house when you need it. But what happens if your boiler has broken down?

There is never a good time for a broken down boiler, but it does seem to occur when you need it most. If you’re left at a loose end due to your broken down boiler, Complheat can help by providing you with a summary of the steps to go through so if your boiler breaks down you won’t need to panic.

broken down boiler

Have your boiler inspected:

Is your boiler acting peculiarly? Perhaps it is making a funny noise or not performing as well as it should. In which case you should get it checked by a heating engineer as soon as possible.
Performing a boiler service early enough may save your broken down boiler by identifying complications before it can have a chance to actually break down.
But if the engineer does find that your boiler is irreparable then at least you will have forewarning and your boiler may just be able to run until you can have a new replacement boiler installed.

If you think that you smell gas coming from the boiler do not ring for a boiler service or repair first, instead immediately ring the gas board.


New boiler survey:

If your broken down boiler needs replacing then your next step is to have a boiler survey conducted.
During a boiler survey, one of our heating engineers check your home thoroughly by looking for different features such as house size, existing heating elements and anything that may need modifying.

The heating engineer will then recommend the right boiler that is perfect for your home’s needs. You will get a range of options and the implications, both heating wise and financial wise, before making your final choice for your new boiler. This will allow you to see what goes into a new replacement boiler installation and allow you to monitor costings. A boiler survey will give you an accurate quote for the boiler installation.

broken down boiler


During the installation the gas safe engineers will then remove the broken down boiler and install a brand new efficient model.
You are welcome to stay in the property during the installation and ask any questions about what we are doing.
Our Complheat team will do their best to minimise the disruption to your home and lifestyle. We will wear carpet safe boots and lay down dust sheets in areas that we are working within.

We can also provide follow-up advice on care and maintenance, and perform annual servicing to ensure your new boiler remains in prime condition. We will also register your boiler as gas safe and register for the manufacturer’s guarantee.
Visit Complheat for more information.

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