Benefits of an En Suite Bathroom

Once considered an expensive luxury, en suite bathrooms are more popular than ever across the UK and for good reason. Whether you’re moving home or planning to remodel your current property, adding an en suite offers a range of benefits. Let’s explore why many people are considering this type of bathroom for their homes:

Firstly, an en suite bathroom can give you a more private space.
Sharing a family bathroom can mean all of your cosmetics and candles are stowed alongside the athlete’s foot powder, kids bath toys and nappy sacks. And who keeps using all your expensive products? Not forgetting the mess associated with bathing young children and pets. Don’t you just wish you could have a section of your home for a bit of serenity and peace?

That’s exactly what an en suite can offer you. An en suite is ideal if you’re craving a little ‘me time’. Due to the bathroom being attached to your bedroom, guests are less likely to use it and it feels a lot more personal. Leave the family to use the main bathroom and you have your own facilities to relax and enjoy as you please. It’s your way of being selfish in your home; having your own space, your own products, and your own peace. We think you deserve it!

en suite bathroom

An en suite relieves some of the footfall from your main bathroom. When there’s a whole family getting ready for work and school in the mornings, an extra bathroom is a godsend. Avoid those family arguments by adding an extra facility to your home.

One of the most common reasons for installing an en suite in the home is the additional value it brings to the property. An en suite is a sure way to improve the value of your home, providing your bedroom is big enough to form the bathroom space. Many consider an en suite a huge asset to a home, and it is a huge factor buyers consider when viewing properties.
In our experiences, we’ve seen clients even losing bedrooms and gaining the convince of an en suite bathroom and it’s always been worth it.

Everyone loves the idea of having their own bathroom space, and it could give your home the edge over another when it comes to selling it. We all crave luxury and comfort, which is why many of us are opting to install a hotel-style en suite in the home.


Want to know more about en suite bathrooms? Complheat are leading installers of en suite bathrooms in the North West and work to meet your every specification. We help clients realise their dream of a convenient, affordable en suite bathroom without the hassle of moving house. Working to any budget, we offer a full advisory service and can guide you to the perfect solution to best suit your requirements. Contact us on 0151 559 0740.

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