Are Central Heating Smart Controls for me?

Technology has evolved at a breakneck pace over recent years. Smart phones are now the standard choice, televisions record and store programmes that they think you will like, cars have inbuilt satellite navigation systems to, hopefully, stop us getting lost, and if we do, our phones have geo-locators in them! Home computers, laptops and tablets are commonplace and no longer a luxury item. Within this increasingly digital world there is a piece of technology that is still shrouded in mystery and confusion, central heating smart controls. We come across the same confusion surrounding smart controls over and over again and so we have decided to try and demystify them for you. Here are the top misconceptions that Complheat comes across and hopefully some answers that will help you see the benefits of these systems.

Smart controls are too confusing and complex for me to understand or use.

Central heating smart controls are powered by very sophisticated technology but the manufacturers know that if they are not made to be as user-friendly as possible then their products simply will not sell. They have done a great job at making these devices as simple and intuitive to use as possible whatever your age or technical know-how. At Complheat we also ensure that we take the time to programme the device to meet your specific needs, explain these products to you to make sure that you fully understand how to get the greatest benefit from them and use them with confidence.

central heating smart controls

Central heating smart controls are far too expensive for me to even consider using.

This is no longer the case. Smart phones are now accessible because of increased competition in the marketplace driving down prices and the same is true of smart control devices. These are now available for every household and have a range of prices to reflect this meaning they are an affordable option for people to help control and reduce their heating bills.

I live in an ordinary house – smart controls are for much bigger, newer houses.

Central heating smart controls are available to all sizes of accommodation, from flats, bungalows, terraced to larger detached properties. The benefits are available to everybody regardless of where they live. The control and cost savings available are there for everybody to take advantage of.

central heating smart controls

Smart controls are messy and difficult to install.

Because smart controls are wireless it means that there is no messy lifting of floors or drilling through walls and your décor won’t be damaged. They are simple, quick and clean to fit.

I don’t have to touch my controls now, “interacting” with my heating system will be another time-consuming chore to remember!

Current controls do not allow you any flexibility to programme your heating around your lifestyle on a daily basis. You may know that on one day of the week the house is empty until later than usual or that everybody is home early one night and you have the functionality available to ensure that you are not wasting money heating an empty house. There are many benefits to using the central heating smart controls well, you can react quickly to any changes in your routine as well as plan for holidays and days out. All of these benefits are there to be taken advantage of if you are smart about using your smart controls. It takes a few seconds to turn your heating on, off or up and down and saving money.

central heating smart controls

Why would central heating smart controls be any better than the ones I have now? Aren’t they just faddy for the sake of it?

The simple answer is no, they are not just a fad. They are better because it means you are much more in control of your heating and therefore have a greater control of what you are spending. The technology is there to benefit everybody and these misconceptions are stopping the people who would benefit most from making these savings. The latest government report of fuel poverty published in May 2015 stated that there are currently 2.28 million people living in fuel poverty. In basic terms fuel poverty exists when a household’s required fuel costs means that if they were to spend what is required to heat their home adequately, then they would be left with an income that would place them below the official poverty line. Taking control through this accessible, easy to use technology makes sense for everybody.

central heating smart controls

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