Energy Saving Myths Dispelled

We’re so used to being bombarded by many conflicting statements about keeping our homes warm that it can be hard to keep up and find out the truth, so we’re here to help and dispel a few myths.  Perhaps you’re spending money on heating which could be saved? Take a look at how you can change your habits and get energy saving!

Leaving The Heating On 24/7 Is Cheaper

In almost all cases, this is untrue.
It is correct that your boiler uses a lot of it’s energy when firing up, but not as much as keeping your heating system on constantly.
Due to our home’s heat loss capabilities, it’d be nearly impossible to avoid losing heat through the fabric of your home despite how insulated it is. Therefore, heating your home continuously means you’ll also be losing this heat. The most efficient way to use your heating system is to set a timer for when you need it and avoid having your heating on while your home is empty.


Double Glazing Will Save Money

You’ve seen the TV adverts telling you how much you’ll save with double glazed windows, so we can understand why many people would believe this energy saving myth. However, the most you’ll save is only around £10 per year.

Of course, doubled glazed windows are great for keeping your home a bit warmer and less draughty, but they also cost thousands of pounds to install. By taking this into account before splashing out on double glazing for energy saving, there are many cheaper and more effective ways to improve your home’s energy efficiency.


Painting Radiators Black Makes Them More Efficient

As radiators work mostly through convection, the idea that painting them black, or any colour for that matter, would increase their output is nonsense. Convection is the transferral of warm energy to cooler places which is different to radiation so essentially, the name radiator is completely misleading.
Paining your radiators for cosmetic reasons is fine and in fact makes them last longer, but don’t paint them for energy saving purposes.


It Saves Money To Stick With The Same Energy Provider

Although this makes logical sense, it couldn’t be further from the truth. Energy companies are all about profits and want to make as much money out of you as possible. Unfortunately, you will not be rewarded for your loyalty and in fact they rely on customers who can’t be bothered swapping suppliers to make their money.
It takes minutes to shop around and find the cheapest deals on comparison sites. Be aware that suppliers want to incentivise you to use their services, so they will offer you cheaper deals. However, these deals will expire and your prices will hike, so compare and swap suppliers often so you’re not taken advantage of.

We’re always here to help you save energy and be efficient when it comes to your heating system. Get in touch to see how we can help you.

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