Why Is An Annual Boiler Service Essential?

Your boiler is guaranteed to be exposed to wear and tear during its life; therefore, an annual service should be considered a necessity. The act of a boiler service involves a thorough inspection of the inside of the boiler, removing the casing, cleaning all parts as required and ensuring it’s properly sealed. Your registered Gas Safe engineer will also carry out a gas pressure check and a flue test.

Overall, it is much cheaper and cost effective to pay out for a regular service rather than repair a breakdown. Minor faults and damaged elements can be identified and replaced, reducing the chances of a malfunction helping prolong your boilers life and saving you money.

During a service, your boiler is examined for any carbon monoxide leakage; leaks or weak points can be repaired immediately by your engineer. Symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning can be disguised as flu-like symptoms which is why the results can be fatal. Every year, there are at least 200 people hospitalised due to CO poisoning. A boiler service also ensures your boiler is functioning without risk, this is important as you and your loved ones can be directly impacted. Between services, we would further recommend placing a carbon monoxide detector as close to your boiler as possible.

As a landlord, you are obliged to ensure that the property you’re renting out is receiving regular services on its gas appliances. It Is a legal requirement as a Landlord to have a current Gas Safety Certificate.

Not receiving an annual boiler service could void your boiler insurance. As some warranties require that your boiler meets the safety requirements, which will be achieved through the annual service as all problems will be identified and repaired during the service.

You will save money on heating bills as your gas engineer will check to see if your boiler is running to maximum efficiency, this means that your bill will be more representative of your usage as less will be wasted.

The service generally takes one hour which overall saves you money and guarantees that your boiler is running safely. So don’t delay, book a boiler service now by contacting Complheat on 0151 559 0740.

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