New Year’s Heating Resolutions

It’s a new year; a time when people make resolutions and plan for the year ahead. The most common resolutions include giving up smoking, losing weight and getting more exercise. Other things that feature on the list include getting around to making those home improvements, improving your carbon footprint and saving money where possible.
Complheat has compiled a list of ways you can do this, whilst breathing new life into your heating system:

January is the perfect time to service your boiler, getting that yearly check out of the way and ensuring your heating system will perform efficiently for the winter months ahead.
If you make sure your boiler’s working correctly with a regular check-up once a year, you can save money on future repairs. A fully qualified gas engineer can fix any minor problems that could cause substantial malfunctions and costs later if they’re left unrepaired.
Not to mention a fully efficient boiler will reduce your fuel bills dramatically as it isn’t squandering energy. Your carbon footprint will be reduced with a regularly upkept boiler.

Try adding LED bulbs around your home instead of traditional bulbs this year, they do not contain any harmful gasses such as mercury, nor do they emit any UV rays. Another benefit is that they use less power than traditional bulbs so they can help to lower your homes carbon emissions. LED bulbs last 30 years longer on average, which saves you even more money as you don’t have to replace them so often.

Considering a drastic home makeover in 2017? We think adding underfloor heating to your project will complete the effect. Underfloor heating adds that extra touch of luxury and heating efficiency to your home and is Ideal for open-plan homes, wet rooms, bathrooms and kitchens. Recent developments mean that underfloor heating has become a viable heating solution for most homes and most floor types. Underfloor heating is compatible with homes old and new, and can be installed in any type of floor structure, with lots of configurations available.


Pipes can also be installed beneath floating concrete floors on insulation or in boards, and below suspended timber floors, often on plates or insulation sitting across the joists.
Underfloor heating can save you up to 50% on your heating bills, and it has virtually no maintenance cost as once installed and tested there is very little which will need looking after.

If you’re not ready to take the plunge into underfloor heating just yet, there are still methods to make your heating system more efficient – including bleeding your radiators.

This is a great way to bring life back into your system quickly and easily. Follow our step by step blog on bleeding your radiators here.

If you would like any advice about heating systems or boilers at any time during the New Year, please do give us a call, we’d be happy to help.

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